• It’s been a while since the last time i write a content on here. As time passed by,  my prioroties  in life was changed. Instead of focusing on learning new types of adventures, im concentrating at my new jobs instead but that doesn’t mean that i cannot afford to do it anymore. In fact,  i started to engage my two kids to the nature and yes i take them with me everytime i go out either we do trekking, overnight camping or swimming in the beach. My kids love it and they enjoyed a lot. Just like the last time when we went to Busagak falls (see previous blog).That was the very first time that i brought my family with me and my kids. IMG20180502150741-01We hiked for about 2 hrs in order to go there. My moms complaining because its very far. She said she better go uphill to where i live because she knew how far it was than going to the falls hahaha. I was carrying Adam(my son) and Sam (my daughter) was just walking by herself.IMG20180502120525When we got there,  everyone loves the place,the water is very clear and deep enough to swim and dive. We grilled some fish for lunch and we also brought some cooked sweet potatoes.

I also teach my kids how to swim and jump off to the water. It was a very perfect adventure for me because i was accompanied by the most important people of my life.

Theres one time aswell that i had a two days off and i took my kids to the mountain. Adam was so excited and he always saying “lets go,  lets go” .and he gets frustrated everytime i say ” i’m still packing away” he is funny. We climbed uphill going to Tagaytay peak, one of the famous mountain in Toledo city where you can chase the perfect sunrise and sunset. Adam was quite heavy but i really have to  carry him every once in awhile. I mean he can walk but not so long because he gets tired right away and he always insist to get carried. So i carried my bacakpack while carrying hin at the same time.IMG20180514072918-01 Its like i lost half of my wieght when i do those things at the same time hahahaa.  When we arrived,  it was so perfect timing for chasing the sunset.


I brought some foods for our dinner and i set up a kiddie movie for them so they can watch while relaxing at the same time. It could be not ideal for having a gadget on our trip because it has to be an outdoor activity but since we dont have enough time to do this and my kids were not so exposed to technologies,so i had to do it at the same time: outdoor with modern stuff.  But it doesnt matter as long as my kids enjoyed  the fact that we stayed in the mountain overnight. IMG_20180513_182241-01 And they woke up, they witnessed one of the most spectacular sunrise theyre ever seen. IMG20180514052051-01

Among all of those adventures that i’ve been doing, bringing my kids with me was the most memorable one and i considered it as the best treasure.IMG20180514071647





We all have fears in life. And it is one of the reason why we don’t wanna try on things because of our fears. But what if I tell you that you can actually get rid of your fears? HOW? Well I admit that I have my fears too and of those  is the height. I feel dizzy every time I climb on higher places. But since I engaging myself into hard adventures, I realized that I need to face my fear. I need to conquer it.

So every time I do trekking, I started to climb trees, or rocks. At first I climb on minimum height, then average or until I can manage that I wont feel any dizziness . Little by little I manage to climb even higher. And its a good try because  the more I practice myself to climb on  high areas or even higher, the more it  makes me stronger and I learned to balance myself in order  not to fall.

Until I reached to the point that I was invited by outdoor friends to try a rock climbing. It sounds very exciting for me because it is one way to determine my strength and my ability to reach those higher part of the rock and to determine aswell if I will not be dizzy or my heart gets pounded once I am there at the top already. And when I was there in the actual climb, its seems that it was very easy for me to climb. Although my legs were shaking for what reason, but I was really trying my best in order to reach to the top and I did it.FB_IMG_1511155790287

I’ve been swimming many times in the beach or in the waterfalls but I haven’t try to jump off to the water from the top of the falls. WHY? Because I’m afraid to get drown if I jump from the top of the falls or at the cliff. I’m scared that there might be a big and pointy rocks at the bottom of the water that my hit me and makes me wounded.

But as I go with different travelers who love to swim, I realized that I really have to try jumping on the cliff like what they did. Although its kind of  scary stuff and risky, but if they can do it I’m sure I can do it aswell. And it could be one way to figure out if I’m strong enough to face my fear of height.

Last Saturday I went out with my friends from England and we went to Busagak Falls. These couple are a good swimmer and its funny that because of them I got a courage to climb off to the cliff and jump to the water. At first is like I’m shaking when I was at the top. The water is very deep and I feel like I’m going to sink and  get swallowed hahaha but I did it. When I was at the deep part of the water, what I always think is I did it and I conquered my fear. I really love it. I concluded those try as a success. and I marked it as memorable adventures. So if you think that you can’t conquer your fears, just try that if I did it, you too can do it. All you need is to encourage yourself and think positively that you can do it! Cliff jumping? no worries anymore. Looking forward to jump off even higher

here’s my video below


To my friends, Amy and John. thank you for the great friendship that we built together. This is not the last adventures that we shared together but I look forward until you guys come back here.

The Intense Wall Climb Experience

Since i’m now engaged into the extreme adventures, hiking on mountains for me is only just a basic activity to do as an adventurer. I always feel like i want something more, not just hiking on mountains and carrying your heavy stuffs if you planned to stay over night. As i followed these these climbers on social media, it made me interested to try  a wall climbing since its similar to rock climbing that i tried before but it intrigues me a little bit on how is it feel like or is it the same feeling when you climb on the rock? So in order to find out the difference,  i went to Metro Sports in the city.

I  was actually in Cebu City for 2 weeks seminar in one of the companies that i’m getting into.And during the seminar was like i was so drained because i really tried to absorb everything that was mentioned during every sessions and my only way to refresh myself  is to do some work out.

So i communicate one of my friends, Kate from outdoor group  if she likes to climb with me, and she was into it since her husband also wants to try to climb.

The next morning we meet and the guide was there also.The guide thought us  on how to attach the rope, how to lock them, making sure that its not loose otherwise the climber will be in trouble if in case he fall.  Also  the basic  climbing terms such as:

1.belaying- to attach the rope

2.belayer- the one who controls the rope

3.climber-the one who climb

4.climb on- a response of the belayer allowing the climber to start climbing

5.tension- when the climber are about to go down

6.rope center- when the rope is not in the center of the body while you’re climbing the source image

Those are the basic terms i learned from the guide, although i’ve been climbing many times lol. And i one i realized that climbing is also like at school, you have to remember and learn those terms and apply them when climbing either on wall or rock climb. It makes me excited to learn more on this stuffs since i started to climb both indoor and outdoor , like i want to focus on this type of adventures instead of something else. BUT who knows there will be more exciting than this one.

Anyway, so it was me who started to climb and the belayer was kate’s husband.We started on the basic one cos the climb is in the color categories like :

grey-very easy




green-very difficult


and there was blue category but the guide didn’t let us to climb it because some of the grips were missing so its gonna be hard to climb there.

When i’m done, kate’s husband climbed and i was the belayer. Then kate followed also after her husband went down.

What made me intrigued most was when i tried the green one.Screenshot_2018-04-21-12-12-37-57I know in the first place that its gonna be hard but i really tried my best. I fell twice because i lost my strength.But i don’t wanna go home like its not successful.So what i did, i rest for few minutes and tried again. This time, i had to check the techniques, the grips on how to reach to the top. And i successfully did it and it made me so happy that even if its the first time that i tried this indoor climb, i’m so proud of myself that i did it. So its a big thing for me. Maybe i was just very aggressive when it comes to climbing that’s why my adrenaline rush was very high lol.

Those who love to try how it feels like, you should do it right away so you can experience what i had experienced. Its fun!

Here’s the video on my third attempt.

Thanks to kate and her husband for joining with me on this type of activity. And also to the guide of indoor climb in Metro Sports in Cebu City for guiding us and teaching us the terms and the basic ruls of climbing. Those hard and intense experience are very  worthy and memorable.IMG20180421124942

Metro Sports Complex located at Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City

in front of Cebu IT Park.

open everyday at 10:00 am

Indoor climb price- P130.00 only.



We know  nowadays that adventures are very common or I could say its very trendy for those who want to experience something new or those who want to loss weight. As an adventurer, I am  very aggressive to try any forms of adventures like rock climbing, mountain climbing, diving ,caving and looking forward to try something more.

Yesterday I went back home in the mountain to meet this fellas because we agreed that we will go and try to do caving. I left early from Pinamungajan  and it was 10:00 am when I got to the mountain. I had some breakfast before we left, we brought some cooked bananas with us , lots of water and ropes for manual rappelling since we don’t have a proper gears so this activity that we did was totally a manual  but these people  with me are very expert when it comes to manual caving and they were at the cave many times.

These people are actually my neighbors  in the mountain and since I live in the city at the moment, I only see them very rare unless there is an occasion. And Samburyo was only discovered by a neighbour who use to go to the woods to hunt some birds using his air gun. So he is considered as out tour guide of this trip since he was there in the place many times.

It was around 11:00 am when we arrived the area after the long climb uphill. I tell you guys, you really have to bring lots of water because its very tiring and the hill is very steep. BUT it was worth it. The over looking view of Camanchilis river and Malubog lake was very stunning. 29598058_407355753059866_1332312251778314267_nI love those rock formations of Samburyo cave which is very ideal for rock climbing. If there’s anyone who wish to put a rock climb spot, I guess I can recommend the area. But this time, we have to do our activity manually because we don’t have a proper gears. Well these people used to climb though so I have a confidence that I can do the same thing. There are 3 caves in Samburyo. The first one in only about 10 meters going down until you will get through the exit. The second one is about 2 to 3 storey of a building structures. It’s bit hard because you have to go down most of the time, that’s why we had the rope as a guide. The sparkling stalactites and stalagmites are located at the bottom part of the cave so if you wanna see them, you really have to go down  and squeeze yourself in some small pathways. What made us disappoint most is that, the cave was destroyed by abusive individuals, stalactites and stalagmites were stolen and only few of them are left sparkled and the rest were dead.


I can’t blame anyone who did this though because the area is unprotected by local government so anyone can access anytime. Anyway, the third cave is the most intense one because its on the top of the huge rock and you have to climb in order to get there. I love it! Having a good and strong rope is very helpful to get you to the top. 29790932_407355776393197_7277281618500344893_n(1).jpgNot everyone has the courage to climb though because some of them can’t lift themselves lol .But I was determined to get to the top and I did it.29425928_407356129726495_7100414212786941503_n I even took some photos of the ground when I was at the top. I saw the entire view of Camanchilis river and it was an awesome experience. 29573361_407355633059878_697502664281880134_n


Also we tried to climb through the big vines and it was so much fun. 29955703_408204292975012_1944347821_o.jpgI could recommend this place if you guys like to try an intense and hard core experience. I could say that it is the same experience or even more than rock climbing.

For viewing the video of this adventure, you can check here :

And if you wanna visit this place, be remind that this is NOT recommended for beginners. The trail is not easy and climbing is hard. You can message me on my facebook account if you have some questions.



Happy Traveling!!!!








Summer in Philippines is approaching.I’m sure most people want to have a short exit from their daily routines.Some others booked their tours ahead in order to avail the cheaper price specifically on plane tickets.As i entered in travel agency stuffs, i saw a lot of people looking for a cheaper tours and affordable flight tickets to avail, and there are hundreds of travel agencies are responding to these costumers.I admitted that its very hard to catch a fish with a lot of fishermen next to you, so you really have to think on how to catch one. So since i’m not really good in the field, what i did was, i created an exploration event and i accept a tour services instead of selling my tours online. Lucky i got few people who are on my booking now.

Some people are asking about what’s the best way to spend the summer. So i responded  them with the pictures of my adventures.

  1. If you are a climber lover, you can go to  a rock climb in Toledo where you can choose which rock walls to climb onto.For beginners, there is an easy to climb rock wall in upper poog which you don’t need to stretch yourself in order to reach higher to grip because there are holes  of the rocks that you can hold even from the bottom part. And if you want to do more intense climb or a hardcore climb adventure, you can go to cantabacco where the rock walls are a bit hard to climb because its very plain and there’s only few crack or holes to hold onto.The first time i was there, i was like i want to cheat, like i just want to lift myself up through the rope lol but i tried  so hard so i can reach the top. For an assistance, you can message me so i can inform the guide over there, you have to make a schedule of your climb because he is not always available unless you book your climb ahead of time.19983879_1468180396575284_162048363215455552_o
  2. IF you are into fishing, swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, get your swimsuits and  go the Pinamungajan’s Campalabo sandbar. Its only 20 mins. away from the mainland in Brgy. Tajao Pinamungajan. You must go there before the lowest tide so you can see the entire area when the water is out.Check the tide forecast the day before you visit the place.The good timing you get, the more chances that you can  see the beauty of the sandbar.received_193855812950415519251353_390773921384716_707825700_nreceived_1938558156170819
  3. IF you are into chasing waterfalls, you can visit 300 meter odlum falls, sinungkolan, busagak and liki falls which are all located in Pinamungajan.Ask me for more details on how to get to this places.Or chasing waterfalls in Tilings Toledo city, its a very small town with tons of waterfalls.20170819_093853
    Liki falls level lll
    Liki falls level l



    4.IF you are into  hiking, you can visit casoy or Brgy. Gen Climaco’s famous Mt. Tagaytay so you can see the overlooking views of Toledo City. Chase sunset or stay overnight with your tent so you can experience the mini Baguio Feels due to its very cold weather during the night.Also its perfect to chase the sunrise when you wake up on the next day,  and if you’re lucky, you can experience the sea of clouds but its very rare to see them unless its rainy season because the area used to have a fogs when it rains. How to go there? Simply ride a jeep in  front of Toledo market going to casoy, and from casoy, you can ask the locals on how to go to mt.tagaytay. But as i heard, its better that you have to coordinate the brgy. office for your safety if ever you are going to stay over night.Im not saying that the place is not safe but its still comfortable that there are local government officials knew that you are there, isn’t it?


    5.Also you can visit the Guindowahon green landscapes where all you can see is a very nature friendly views, its located in Guindowahon Sudlon II Cebu City. Its accessible via Jy road in Lahug but i’m just not sure if how much do they charge by motobike going there. I heard one time that there are group of explorers who went there to have an outreach program and unfortunately the motorbike charged them 500.00 pesos each in just one go which is a bit higher from the regular rate. You can also go there through casoy- camansilis road going to pangamihan and you just have to negotiate with the motorbike on how much do he charge in order to go there.Usually they ask 150 pesos or 300 pesos back and forth.Why do you need to ride on motorbike to go there? Because you will be out of time if you hike from the bottom of pangamihan and it would take around 2-3 hrs. until you get to the place plus you must be back to casoy  before  5:00 pm otherwise you will miss the last trip of the jeep going to toledo.23031658_347359045726204_3285310918743929360_n23032414_347360802392695_9037014919000523765_n23167511_347360832392692_5192687631814492646_n6.IF you like a hardcore adventures, there is a caving activity in Brgy. Lamac Pinamungajan where you really have to crawl or drag yourself in order to get inside and see the sparking stalactites and stalagmites. But as of now,The Tourism office paused the caving activity because the DENR  are having an assessment  of the area and they will reopen it to the public once their activity is done. Any questions or if you wanna know more details, you can always drop a message on my messenger

    or text me 09054922971





Heads Up Fellas! Since i started to have a lot of people who wish to go to those places that i have explored from the past, i decided to get a Travel Agency so i can offer my tour packages to anyone who wish to avail any of the tours with the proper  and affordable rates.From here on, i will not only just posting about my adventure experience but also i’m going to publish a Travel and Tour Services.I’m currently working in GI PHILS. CORP. , and im only one of 2,600 travel agents around the Philippines.We can book Plane Tickets,Hotel Bookings,Van Transfers and Tour Packages in Philippines,Southeast Asia, Europe and even in U.S.
So, in order to make everything legal, i registered my business in DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) . And i also made my own facebook page so its easier for everyone to view or contact me whenever they want to avail any tours either in Philippines or outside the country.

my business logo

So far i made tour packages around my town,and in the city and i’m also accepting a tour services because there are so many travelers lately who want to visit the town that i used to explore. Below are the attachment of the said tour packages.

For Cebu Midwest Tour; My guest can experience to explore the sparkling Camangon Cave,where everything you can see inside is like crystals due to its preserved and untouched stalactites and stalagmites.Chasing 300 ft. Odlum Falls, Sky Biking or paddling a bike on the cable,Zip Lining, and Wave pool Experience.( see full details in the attachments)FB_IMG_1510265528263

For Cebu South Tours ; My Guests can experience the Whale Shark Encounter,Sardine run when snorkeling at Pescador Island,Water Massage,Bamboo Rafting, and Canyoneering experience.(see full details in the attachments)26166914_396730240771202_2009648459072683585_n
For City Tour: My guest can experience to visit all the Tourist Attractions found in the city such as The Historical Magellan,s Cross, Cebu Heritage Park ,Port San Pedro , Taoist Temple and many more.

All the tours are included with Hotel Accommodations and  Van Transfers so the guests will not going  to worry about getting any vehicles when traveling around the city.25994611_1678468622209909_312594902774929617_n
For more details or any inquiries, you can email me
or contact my whatsapp number +639054922971.

                                   HAPPY TRAVELING!!!


Adventures nowadays are highly in demand for everyone who loves to explore different places as a way of discovering and de-stressing themselves from their daily routines. I just created a facebook page called GEN’S ADVENTURES,   where i invited 30 adventurers to explore the town where i live. And one of the main goal of the said event is to make the town more familiar because i believe that through these people who accepted my invitation, the word will spread from one to another. As i said before, Pinamungajan is a coastal town located at the midwest part of cebu and is not so familiar by many travelers and i want to help to make the town to become known or familiar by many.
It was last sunday when these adventurers visited the town.They are from diffrent  teams such as  TRIBU HUBO or highly united brotherhood of outdorsmen,TEAM KALAIN or litterally means kaon(eat)LAKAW(walk)INUM(drink),and the rest of the participants are beginners from diffrent cities.Our target spots to explore are Camangon cave, Odlum falls, and Busagak falls.The event is included with fare,lunch,and tour guide fee.Each participant is only paying 450 .00 pesos which is quite cheap, compared to others who offered tour packages because for me ,its better to be cheaper for many than expensive for few.
We agreed that the meeting time will be at 7 am in front of municipal hall. But not everyone arrived at 7 am anyway so we had to wait the rest of the joiners. It was 8.00 o’clock when i started the orientation regarding the rules and regulations; what are the DO’S &  DONT’S inside the cave, safety and everything.IMG20180128080234
It was 8:30 am when we left to Lamac for caving and chasing Odlum falls. Everyone is riding a motorbike and i was riding with Steve. I was crossing my fingers that the event will be successful because the weather is not really okay, rainy and slippery plus the road on the way to lamac is like a peanut butter; very muddy. Good thing these drivers are really good in slippery road so none of us get hurts and we arrived safely to Lamac. Later the cave tour guide (JUN) arrived and since we cannot get into the cave in one go,we agreed to be in batches ,so the  first 10 batch went with Jun and the rest went with me to Odlum falls. I never know that there are 3 people left behind and i only noticed it when they texted me that they were on the way. I’m glad there were 2 personnel from the Barangay who sent them to the falls and i meet them there.
The first batch was done on caving and i can see their happy faces after they saw those sparkling Stalactites and Stalagmites in the cave, same as the last two batches who went into the cave.FB_IMG_1510265528263FB_IMG_1517356227562FB_IMG_1517356272284FB_IMG_1517356172674FB_IMG_1517356057964FB_IMG_1517356125491
They are all amazed, like they were never out of words of impression about the view inside the cave that everywhere you look is sparkling and spectacular. Just simply amazing.FB_IMG_1517355230972FB_IMG_1517355223818IMG20180128115107
It was a bit late so we  headed back to the poblacion for lunch.Everyone had their tummy filled in with the foods that i prepared before i left the house . And since it was  2 o’clock in the afternoon, there are few of the teams who , due to time constraints, cannot make it to the other waterfalls, but they are going back to the city instead so its like half of the participants who stayed and went with me to Busagak falls. We hiked for about an hour and a half then we wasted no time; we swim and take pictures for 30 minutes then headed back to Poblacion again. FB_IMG_1517354801214IMG20180128161800IMG20170812085353-01It was a bit dark when we arrived to Poblacion, but others want to change so i brought them to tourism office so atleast they can meet the head of the tourism of Pinamungajan;  Yogi Ygay.IMG20180128184956
7:00 o’olock in the evening when everyone went back to the city, and i was left at the tourism office, sitting and thinking, I cant believe that my first event was successful, that everyone went home with good memories of the day . SO DID I !!!  🙂


I will make another event soon and it will be open for everyone again for those who want try to explore that sparkling camangon cave, 300 ft Odlum falls and naturally green water of busagak falls.
Also i will include the campalabo sandbar; with itineries , inclusions at a very affordable rates.



Our expenses for the tour;

 .P450.00/ per participants


1.motorbike transfers(pinamungajan roads)

2.caving guide fee

3.brgy.local fee



7:00 am -meet up with participants

8:00 am -short orientation

8:30 am-travel to lamac

9:00 am-enter camangon cave/chasing odlum falls per batches


1:00 pm-back to poblacion


3:00 pm -travel to busagak corner.

3:20 pm-hike to busagak falls

4:30 pm-busagak falls arrival,swim and take pictures

5:00 pm -back to poblacion

6:30 pm arrived in poblacion.


For inquiries about my tours and adventures,you can contact me through


  text /call my mobile number 09054922971

or you can reach me through my facebook account