Adventures nowadays are highly in demand for everyone who loves to explore different places as a way of discovering and de-stressing themselves from their daily routines. I just created a facebook page called GEN’S ADVENTURES,   https://www.facebook.com/GENS-Adventures-1805590469515010/   where i invited 30 adventurers to explore the town where i live. And one of the main goal of the said event is to make the town more familiar because i believe that through these people who accepted my invitation, the word will spread from one to another. As i said before, Pinamungajan is a coastal town located at the midwest part of cebu and is not so familiar by many travelers and i want to help to make the town to become known or familiar by many.
It was last sunday when these adventurers visited the town.They are from diffrent  teams such as  TRIBU HUBO or highly united brotherhood of outdorsmen,TEAM KALAIN or litterally means kaon(eat)LAKAW(walk)INUM(drink),and the rest of the participants are beginners from diffrent cities.Our target spots to explore are Camangon cave, Odlum falls, and Busagak falls.The event is included with fare,lunch,and tour guide fee.Each participant is only paying 450 .00 pesos which is quite cheap, compared to others who offered tour packages because for me ,its better to be cheaper for many than expensive for few.
We agreed that the meeting time will be at 7 am in front of municipal hall. But not everyone arrived at 7 am anyway so we had to wait the rest of the joiners. It was 8.00 o’clock when i started the orientation regarding the rules and regulations; what are the DO’S &  DONT’S inside the cave, safety and everything.IMG20180128080234
It was 8:30 am when we left to Lamac for caving and chasing Odlum falls. Everyone is riding a motorbike and i was riding with Steve. I was crossing my fingers that the event will be successful because the weather is not really okay, rainy and slippery plus the road on the way to lamac is like a peanut butter; very muddy. Good thing these drivers are really good in slippery road so none of us get hurts and we arrived safely to Lamac. Later the cave tour guide (JUN) arrived and since we cannot get into the cave in one go,we agreed to be in batches ,so the  first 10 batch went with Jun and the rest went with me to Odlum falls. I never know that there are 3 people left behind and i only noticed it when they texted me that they were on the way. I’m glad there were 2 personnel from the Barangay who sent them to the falls and i meet them there.
The first batch was done on caving and i can see their happy faces after they saw those sparkling Stalactites and Stalagmites in the cave, same as the last two batches who went into the cave.FB_IMG_1510265528263FB_IMG_1517356227562FB_IMG_1517356272284FB_IMG_1517356172674FB_IMG_1517356057964FB_IMG_1517356125491They are all amazed, like they were never out of words of impression about the view inside the cave that everywhere you look is sparkling and spectacular. Just simply amazing.FB_IMG_1517355230972FB_IMG_1517355223818IMG20180128115107IMG20180128112808
It was a bit late so we  headed back to the poblacion for lunch.Everyone had their tummy filled in with the foods that i prepared before i left the house . And since it was  2 o’clock in the afternoon, there are few of the teams who , due to time constraints, cannot make it to the other waterfalls, but they are going back to the city instead so its like half of the participants who stayed and went with me to Busagak falls. We hiked for about an hour and a half then we wasted no time; we swim and take pictures for 30 minutes then headed back to Poblacion again. FB_IMG_1517354801214IMG20180128161800IMG20170812085353-01It was a bit dark when we arrived to Poblacion, but others want to change so i brought them to tourism office so atleast they can meet the head of the tourism of Pinamungajan;  Yogi Ygay.IMG20180128184956
7:00 o’olock in the evening when everyone went back to the city, and i was left at the tourism office, sitting and thinking, I cant believe that my first event was successful, that everyone went home with good memories of the day . SO DID I !!!  🙂


I will make another event soon and it will be open for everyone again for those who want try to explore that sparkling camangon cave, 300 ft Odlum falls and naturally green water of busagak falls.
Also i will include the campalabo sandbar; with itineries , inclusions at a very affordable rates.



Our expenses for the tour;

 .P450.00/ per participants


1.motorbike transfers(pinamungajan roads)

2.caving guide fee

3.brgy.local fee



7:00 am -meet up with participants

8:00 am -short orientation

8:30 am-travel to lamac

9:00 am-enter camangon cave/chasing odlum falls per batches


1:00 pm-back to poblacion


3:00 pm -travel to busagak corner.

3:20 pm-hike to busagak falls

4:30 pm-busagak falls arrival,swim and take pictures

5:00 pm -back to poblacion

6:30 pm arrived in poblacion.


For inquiries about my tours and adventures,you can contact me through

 email genonac16@gmail.com 

  text /call my mobile number 09054922971

or you can reach me through my facebook account












As i am thinking  about my coming birthday, i have no any idea on how will i celebrate it but i have  few options on how to make my day worthy. I remember before that i have few friends including one of the famous travel bloggers in cebu, sir Aldrich lnfantado who are also a nature lovers and they travel from town to town just to explore the nature,that they want to explore the place that ive explored few months ago. Its actually a very  small town but it has a lot of natural resources like lakes and waterfalls.FB_IMG_1515976425882FB_IMG_1515976394937FB_IMG_1515976410023FB_IMG_1515976455896FB_IMG_1515976383953 And the place is not very familiar to everyone in fact i was the first one who explored in the said town. Its called tilings and is one of the small spots located in Toledo city. I actually didnt expect that this place will get attracted by these fellow travellers  and then one time when i posted few pictures of it in social media, these people amazed about the views of them and they said they liked to go there.

So since i dont have any schedule during my birthday, i agreed to go with these guys and we went to tilings.l woke up at 3 am because they ordered foods from me so i had to cook before i leave and meet them at lutupan. Its almost 5 oclock in the morning and i already in the bus on the way to the meeting area. And these people also are  on the way from cebu. I arrived there and i meet two of them from naga.It was around 6:30 am when everyone arrived and from lutupan  we rode a motorbike going to biga pit. Biga pit is  a man-made lake  that looks green due to its chemicals mixed into it from the mining area and lately  it became an attractions because of its amazing beauty.So we went there and have pictures while waiting two other friends.lt was a bit rainy and the mountains are all foggy and its very windy like im freezing so bad. But i tried to manage anyway. FB_IMG_1515992103754IMG_20180115_065037_530

When two of our friends arrived, we started to leave from biga pit to tilings. Theres actually a road going there but its very far if we take the road so what we did was making a short cut. Passing through a very rocky trail along the cliff like we are in the middle of no where,no pathways and we just  made our own in order to reach the main road. IMG20180114080659I know that some of these people are not so keen on hardcore adventures but i tried to assist one of them.Glad i had a rope on my bag so we do a rappell going down to the cliff.Although it was very struggling but i see their faces enjoying about what we do. IMG20180114084348

It took us more than an hour until we reached the main road and it was a relief for us because i can tell that it was very challenging experience.So from the main road, we hike going to the entrance of the mining area. I thought we can make another short cut again but the guards didnt allow us to pass through the mining site because they are scared that they might get suspended again even if i insisted that i went to the site before but still they didnt allow us so we had no choice but to agree with them and we walked through the other road instead.

its almost lunch time and its a bit rainy so we made a stop at the small hut so everyone can have lunch while waiting the rain to stop. It didnt last long though. And since we filled up, we started to walk again going to the top of the mountain of tilings. They called it mt. Makatol where you can see the entire view of tilings.the lakes, rice fields and everything in the valley. We took pictures while having a short rest at the same time. And it rained again so didnt waste our time and we sterted to go down the hill.IMG20180114113944

Others are having a hard time to go down because its very slippery and you really have to be very careful not to slip off. But everyone managed though. I had to tie my rope again so its convinient for everyone to go down.IMG20180114115434

As we reached the buttom,we took a short rest next to the lake and had few pictures together.Then we started to hike to chase the first falls. This falls has no names,and as i said before that the place wasnt discovered yet by many. Just imagine that this  very small place has 3 lakes, and has  more than 10 waterfalls! Can you imagine that?  Its like a hidden paradise,im  not sugar-coating my worsds but its how i describe the place. There are houses in there and maybe i estimated that the population is consisting 50 families or less. And im sure they dont appreciate much about this nature in their place because they are used to it and they see it since they were young,  but a person like me and these fellow travellers really admired the place.

The first falls we went is a little bit hard to climb because its a bit slippery,but everyone is determined to go up to the top  of the falls and we all did it. Few of us  enjoyed the water and had a shower on while others were just having a pictures. IMG20180114133233I also took some pictures of my self.Later we went down with the rope again for safety because its even harder to go down but everyone is safe though.

Since we dont have much time to chase the rest of the falls, everyone agreed to go to the main road so that we can catch the last trip of the jeepney.We had a water refill along the main road and walking while waiting the jeepney to pass by. But then the jeepney didnt pass by so we just keep walking until we reached the malubog lake. It was actually not included in the intinerary of the trip but they said that its okey. They cant imagine that they hiked for this long. From lutupan – biga pit-to the top of mt. Makatol-down to tilings-walking to malubog lake. Its like a great adventures happened in just one day. And not only that, instead that we will wait the jeepney to pass bay,  we agreed to cross the lake instead!!! Its sounds very fun isnt it? IMG20180114154454

FB_IMG_1515994666442We crossed the lake on a motorboat for about 10 minutes,then as went down from the boat we took a group pictures before we went to the terminal in casoy and finally we had a rest while waiting the jeepney to go…

We went down at toledo terminal and saying goodbyes to each other. Some others are headed to catch the vhire at the terminal while others are catching up a tricycle going to sangi to catch a bus and i also took a tricycle going to the jeepney terminal of pinamungajan.. And finally im home around 8 pm.

My birthday is worth remembering not because i have a fancy stuffs but because it was adventurous one and i meet new friends to count onto.Those fogs, rocky and slippery trail was not a dissapointment but it was worth enjoying journey on that day.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me on my birthday for joining the hard trail and marked it worthy.

My costs on that day:

1.A/c bus-pinamungajan to lutupan


2.habal2x or motorbike(to biga pit)


3.motorboat(crossing the lake to casoy)


4.jeepney to toledo


5.pinamungajan jeepney





 By the way, im 30 now lol


Once a traveler, always a traveler And Im getting so much addiction with this habbit that i cant just sit my ass at home doing nothing.Just like one time i was home and i felt so bored. So i had to clean my yard and cultivated the soil for replanting. Later when im done i felt like i want to refresh myself so it made up my mind to try to visit this hidden  beach resort that they mentioned to me before. So i had to bring my daughter with me so that she will enjoy aswell. I had to pack few stuffs in my bag and left. From pinamungajan market, we ride tricycle and paid 10 pesos. Its only about 15-20 minutes to travel though. Then the driver dropped us at bonbon aloguinsan where there was a rocky road going to the beach. IMG20171217132850Actually the tricycle can bring us until the entrance of the beach  but unfortunately hes got few more passengers with him,so we just had to walk going to the entrance of the beach.. From the main road ,maybe it took us about 15 minutes to walk until we saw the signage of hidden valley mountain resort. 20171217_113325We headed to the reception area where we paid the entrance. They have cottages and tables and since we dont bring anything except our backpack, we didnt bother to avail any of those. 20171217_114132Passing through a very rocky trail going down to the buttom of the hill, and we saw this white sand. 20171217_130441-02The views are amazing.lts a bit crowded on that day. There are two goups of people who are partying.l think they are from diffrent companies having a team building activity in the beach,so it was a bit noisy with laughters from these people.But still i got a chance to take some shoots where these people were a bit hidden fom the camera😂.

Me and my daugther went to swim and we refreshed ourselves until we had enough, because thats the main reason why we went there.  Soaking yourself in the water is totally  refreshing like i wanna stay there as longer as i can.  The weather that day was partly cloudy so it wasnt so hot and i didnt bothered to get sunburn.You can even put a mat on the sand and lay on it,just like  what some  people did.  But i sat on the sand though. Beach life is always fantastic! 20171217_131015-01My daughters having fun also and she even asked me if we can go back there, well its possible though. Its only 20 mins. away from home.

This resort can be occupied even overnight. They have rooms available or if you are a budgetarian traveler,  you can put your tent on the ground and sleep in it overnight though. And If you like to have a scenic view in the beach,  Hidden Beach Resort has it😊.20171217_115004-01




Adults:   P50.00

Kids 7-10y/o less 50%


Wooden tables: P150.00


Entrance:   P70.00

Kids 7-10 y/o.  less 50%


a/c rooms:P1,500.00

Non a/c room with fan. P600.00






Since i started this blog and adventure things, there are things that i really want to learn about because im not  too good at it.One of those things are getting a good angles on photography, how to make a video. But i know this things will take time until you finally learned. Im not ashame to admit that only using my phone to capture a photos of my adventures and i made videos manually.lm not ashame because we all have the weakest part of our knowledge which it only needs to get improved.

Few days ago, one of my friends GEOFF CHRISTIAN from social media posted that he needs somebody to do a hands on videography training. So i responded that i want to go because i want to learn.

So the next day at noon time,i meet this guy for the first time when he pick me up and went to the event area. I actually just saw him online and hes got a lot of awsome photos and videos on his profile. I really thought that they are just going to make a video shooting like film making, i dont have any ideas that they are going to make a coverage to a company’s christmas party!!!IMG20171207165243 So the training is actually on the spot!! I was a little bit nervous because they might get dissapoint if im doing wrong hehehe but im also thinking that its only  a training and not a real job for me.

Geoff introduced me to his team: CEDI  CAVADA and KENSHIN MORENO20171207_163803.Cedi is also a photographer and a video editor like geoff,while kenshin is a photographer and hes also one of those who responded geoff’s invitation,meaning me and kenshin will be the assistants of geoff and cedi.

While the event didnt start yet,geoff gave me some tips on how to make a the basic video making, adjusting the lense, fucos and everything. And so as cedi. He thaught me where to standby,how to possition the camera in order to get a good angles.IMG20171207164808 So it was not so hard to do since  these two expained well.

And then some of these company  employees started to come and  had a short briefing with us,what are those monent that needs to get captured and everything, and then they interviewed one of the heads of the company and thats my first try  of the coverage. IMG20171207164301

IMG_20171207_194012The interviewer used  a zoom h4n recorder in order the get the clear voice without copying the noisy background. IMG20171207163104

Then 4 of us positioned from diffrent corners of the hall. I was near at the entrance so i can capture the people when they come in, cedi was at the middle while geoff and kenshin was at the diffrent corners also.

It was exactly 5 pm when the party started and their theme was star wars  and most of these people are wearing star wars costume.So they started to come in,  im using a go pro camera, while the others has their big cameras and a drone used by geoff.IMG20171207173104

When these people are all in, i had to run to the front so i can capture the near scenes and as what cedi told me. They started the program with a national antheme, followed by the speech of the company leaders and some intermission numbers from the workers then an awarding of those outstanding employees.IMG20171207204233IMG20171207194647IMG20171207205912 They had cut the program for the dinner.lt was a buffet  served by a caterer from cebu. And since i was there, i also observed about their service so i could apply it to my store and catering business that im gonna start soon. Its amazing that these caterers had to travel all their stuffs from the city,even the foods that they served. So its not easy for  the beginner to do a catering service  specially when you dont have an  enough idea on how to start and manage it. I need to learn  more of it.IMG20171207170421It was totally enjoying to see these people who are enjoying and it feels great that somehow you became a part of thier event  even if  you are only a media personel thats covers about the happenings of their gathering. IT WAS WORTH KIND OF LEARNING.

I would like to thank sir geoff christian and his team for inviting me to the said activity. I learned somehow but i really love to learn more.And i will look forward to his next invitations 😊20171207_210334-01


Im still surpised until now that pinamungajan has plenty of beautiful spots to offer to everyone when it talks about nature. From cave, falls, sandbar and spring that i’ve been explored before, i never know that theres still more spots that are untouch my many explorers.Whats the good thing about exploring unknown places is that the place is away from the crowd and you can feel the true essence of nature.Thats why i prefered to be in the woods either alone or with 1 or 2 companion specially when i am new to the place. Its more convinient and less worries to the people who are with you on the trip.

Like i said,  i explored the top destinations here in pinamungajan already but  i believed that there will be more places to be explored around. Theres one time that my friend from social media invited me if i can go  to lamac. Lamac is one of the barangays of pinamungajan  that has plenty of wonderful nature such as the kamangon cave, odlum falls and sinungkolan spring(see from my previous blogs).

So i accepted this guys invitation and we set a day to go there.We agreed to explore the  LIKING BATO,–MAGKAWA CAVE,—MAGKAWA CLIFF—CHASING BALAY DUGONG FALLS ,—AND BAGAKAY FALLS.

The day of our trip

So i packed what i needed (water, extra cloth, and my favorite samurai😂) and traveled to lamac to meet him. We meet around 8:30 am at the front of hidden valley mountain resort.. The places that we were about to explore is at the top of the mountain so i expected already about the view of entire lamac once we get there. I was a bit excited😂..

We started climbing the hill,passing through a rocky and forest portion of our trail and since it was a bit rainy,   the pathway was a bit slippery so you really have to be careful. 20171126_11561520171126_114322

magkawa cliff..thats where we going to climb

After 20 minutes of climb, we reached the LIKING BATO.20171126_113645 Its a pathway between the two high  rock walls but it was covered with big vines and small tress. Maybe if its not covered, it would look extra ordinary .and worthy to explore.There was a side of it that we had fun to climb on while we are resting. IMG20171126092138After few minutes of rest,, we continue to climb going to magkawa cave. I tell you guys, Lamac has 108 caves that are close to each other. And it was discovered last 2004 when there was caving summit congress held by a group of cavers from diffrent part of philippines and they held the activity lamac ,later they found out that there are 108 caves in there. And when we are on the way to magkawa cave,  i saw 4 of those caves.  All b2 caves. And they are all next to the pathway,so you really have to be extra careful on the slippery  and bushy trail otherwise you will fall straight to those caves.Struggling isnt it?  But nobody can stop us and we are both determined to reach the top of magkawa cave and the cliff.. Maybe another 20 minutes until we reach the magkawa cave. IMG20171126094553IMG20171126094350Its a very huge cave but not like other caves that you can enter and walk inside. This one looks like a very huge sinkhole.. Theres no chance to go down to the bottom because we dont have a proper rappelling  gears..and if you fall down there, its very hard that you can be rescued.. Not unless you have  a firesignal. As we get closer to the cliff, the more struggling experience  that we encountered.. We had to cross between the two rock walls that only connected with few pieces of woods. And the bottom of those rocks maybe 20 feet below. So one mistake, you will surely fall down to the bottom. But we managed to cross.IMG20171126101729

There are pointy rocks in there that looked like a dragon’s territory lol it just looked the same as the one i saw in the movie..IMG_20171130_204723_246


Just like the saying, “good places can be seen after the hardest climb”.well i can say that despite the hardship that we encountered from climbing the hill, and climbing those high and pointy rocks,  those are worthy because the view was totally amazing.. Specially when you are at the cliff.. I even screamed because i conquered my fear of hieghts. The view of lamac was very nice and   it was worth exploring.We took pictures and rest for a bit before we go back to our trail. Atleast we knew how it looks over there and it somehow healed my curiousity.IMG20171126110550IMG20171126105647IMG_20171127_175756IMG20171126104103received_356266474835461

So we went back to our trail and headed to the river. Another impression about in lamac is that they have an abundance of water. That you cannot just wash your clothes or water your plants but also you can swim or dive on it.. Not all the town has free water though. Some others are paying their water bill every month.. But here in lamac, its totally a zero cost and free for everyone😊.  So we reached to the top of the river and saw the bagakay falls and balay dugong falls.. They called it balay dugong falls because it was discovered when there was a tv series about sea creatures and there was one of the characters named dugong who live in the cave. And since the falls has a cave at the back of the water drop, they called it balay dugong falls or litterally means-house of dugong.IMG_20171129_110014_060  Its called  Bagakay falls because the falls was sorrounded by bagakays. Bagakay is one the type of bamboos but is thinner than the regular ones.20171126_121628-01

So if you guys wanna go there, you can contact me but i can only recommend the chasing of those waterfalls that i’ve explored.Climbing on cliff, mmm maybe its not advisable for everyone.its too risky.






As i continue to explore places, there are people who invited me already to join in their adventures. Such as TEAM KALAIN or a group of mountaineers who explore diffrent places.They climb mountains, chasing falls ,overnight camping and even rock climbing.lt was few months ago when they invited me to join them as they are going to try this rock climbing in cantabacco toledo city.

FB_IMG_1511155790287 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1598287056894733&id=153803201343133

I found very uneasy when i meet these guys because it was the first time that i meet them in person.  I only knew their names and  was only talking to them online. But these people are very warm so it didnt take me  a long  time until i get along with their convos and later we had fun talking already.

It was totally an  amazing adventure. . I thought i cant make it to the top   of the rock but i found myself doing it very easy. Maybe because im just very light and very determined 😁.

Anyway, so that was the first that i joined with these people.And then they invited me again to join in their trek for cause. They created an event for the benifits  of a patient who had a brain tumor. received_348431882285587I was interested to join because  its not just a simple type of a trek. You trek for the benifits of others. Its sounds cool for me. I also invited few trail runners cos the activity is open for all the joiners and you will only give any amount as a donation. So since im from pinamungajan and is about 2 hrs away from the city,  i woke up  early so i could prepare the stuffs that i need to bring specifically the foods and water.I left at 5 am. Ride in a bus.Normally im not so fond on an airconed bus because it makes me dizzy and feel like vomitting but i had no choice because theres no other bus in the station. They all left. Glad i had a jacket to keep me warm.

I arrived at the city around 7 am and i ate breakfast at the bus terminal cos i was totally drained from 2 hrs travel:vomitting and headache plus a dizzy experience in an airconed-bus 😷

But atleast i reached the city. I ate and feel better again.  Hehhee. I arrived in jy lahug-our meeting place.Meeting to some of the members from  team kalain while others are on the way and  people from difrrent groups.l was surprised  about the numbers of people who joined.. I can estimate maybe around 80 people.,Also i meet these trail runners whom i meet for the first time  aswell. Theyre very friendly thoughIMG20171111083027. So from jy-we rode on a jeep going to busay -after temple of lea. When we all arrived,  we had a short prayer, followed by a short briefing, reminders and introduction of all the joiners.IMG20171111092152IMG20171111091838We also took a group picture before we started the trail. IMG20171111093102


The weather is not so hot but there are hills that we went through so you really need to have lots of water. I brought 2 liters of water with me but it wasnt enough. Glad theres a water machine at one of the houses that we passed by so everyone had a refill. IMG20171111094131IMG20171111111521IMG20171111111056IMG20171111112926

FB_IMG_1510527951170IMG20171111113308It took us about 2 hrs of hiking until we reached the bucaue peak. I can see the balamban hills already at the other side of the peak while other side is the view of cebu city.20171111_11403720171111_113718.jpgWhile everyones resting,  i took a photo with kalain fam and then also had a group picture again before we went down from the peak to find a shade for lunch. 20171111_113930FB_IMG_1510528078322I was really hungry. So when we found a shade, we ate and relax for a bit. And i didnt know that they prapered a game and they have a prizes for it. They have this thug of war game wherein two opposite groups will play by pulling the rope. Whoever will fall down will be the losers but it didnt happen cos the rope was broken so the two groups was declared as winners.. And its very funny cos i was one of those who played and when the rope broke,i fell down and i didnt know what to do, its either i laugh first or go up 😂😂😂😂😂 FB_IMG_1511160434413FB_IMG_1510528220599Before we go back to the trail we took another group picture. FB_IMG_1511160345854FB_IMG_1511160327233The rain poured down. And instead of going down to guadalupe  to chase this napo falls that they talked about, we went straight to busay to ride a jeepney going down to jy because the mountain is prone to landslide. And the worse thing is, it fogs like all you can see is only the pathway.IMG20171111140452IMG20171111140702IMG20171111140912

Atleast were safe even if everyones wet from the rain. But it didnt matter because everyones having fun specially me cos i keep laughing  about the convo with kalain fellas. IMG20171111153538IMG20171111153323There will be more trekking soon and i will look forward to it. Its open for everyone so if you guys want to join, you can visit their facebook page for updates






Campalabo sandbar is one of the most interesting place that ‘ive visited  in pinamungajan. Its a strip of  white sand and is about 20 minutes away from the mainland.lts near in marine sanctuary so this place is very ideal for diving, snorkeling and swimming. Also its a no fishing zone so whatever you see in here is for your eyes only. As an explorer, i have this motto which others are also doing it “take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints”The local tourism is conserving the place because there are lots of corals that you can see under the water. Its pretty amazing that once you are there, you can see the small creatures swimming next to you 😊.


On my first time of visiting the sandbar, i was with the social welfare staffs because they wanted to go with me but we are a bit late.lnstead of meeting up by 7 am so we can leave and reach there before 8:30(the lowest tide) , some of these guys arrived around 8:45 am already and its about 10 mins to go the beach where we rent a boat.. Its totally late. But still we went to the sandbar. When we arrived, the waters high  already and theres a little bit of sand showing up.. FB_IMG_1508923865838FB_IMG_1508923860438 Its not disappointing that we are late because these place has a lot of things to offer . If its low tide, you can see the white sand and you can lay down on it, but if its high tide, well its very perfect for swimming and diving. Theres a part of the light house where you can dive when the water is high. IMG_20171116_145954


I told myself i always go back here. And just last weekend, i went back there with pinamungajan tourism fellas: yogi ygay-tourism designate, venus her friend ,jake and the rest from tourism office staffs.


We went there  for a photoshoot of the sandbar because they will launch a tour package very soon.We also had a professional photographer with us :ivan perez from municipality of pinamungajan who took us a very nice photos. Also i brought my foriegn friend sir barry. I actually just meet him about few weeks ago and he was new in the town and one time he visited my store cos theyre looking for foods to eat and thats how i meet him.  I showed him those wonderful places that i explored in pinamungajan and hes very interesting to explore them. And the sandbar was the first that he wanted to see.

6:30 am i meet sir barry and his wife and two of their family members. They thought that we will go caving because i mention a lot of good places but i guess sir barry didnt told them where we exactly going and these guys are wearing jeans and rubber shoes.. Were not gonna climb mountains but were going to swim. And they were surprised with it 😁 but theres no time to change because we need to be there at the sandbar before the lowest tide otherwise we will gonna miss it just  like the first time that we went there. So we left and meet miss yogi and her team at bugsay public beach resort. And i introduced them to my guests on that day. FB_IMG_1510816693237

As soon as we finished loading our stuffs to the boat, we left to the sandbar. That time the lowest tide was 10:57 am but we left around 8 oclock and the sandbar is only about 20 mins away.. Its better to be early though so that you can really see the entire sandbar.IMG20171112074401

When we arrived there, theres already a bit of sands that showing up and we just have to wait for an hour until the entire sand appears..

I brought my lazy air bed with me as part of our props for the photoshoot.. Cos i was one of the models of the day hahahaa.. As if i was like a model lol. IMG_20171115_153936_770received_1938557286170906received_1938558129504155Ivan took us a photo also from the top of the light house which looks very cool😎.received_1938558156170819Hes got a very good skills on photography,i wish i will learn that one day.received_1938558006170834



While others are busy taking their photos also, some of our members were preparing a very mouth watering foods-maybe you can say im a sugar coating to my words but who will not gonna starve to this 👇?FB_IMG_1510816713737FB_IMG_1510816720178Mmmm right 😀 Maybe some of you  (friends from outside the country) are not familiar with this foods but we, filipinos are on demand with this type of foods specially when swimming in the beach.

Grilled fish

Poso-or  steam rice wrapped in coconut leaves

Kinilaw-the one in the white container. Its raw small fish but its cooked with vinegar and some spices on it.

Dipping sauce

Boiled sweet potatoes  and boiled bananas.

Let me know if you wanna try this.


After our lunch,other people went to snorkeling, others are just sitting on the sandbar. And since we already are there, i asked sir barry about how he described campalabo sandbar.. See our convo here👇


And he even posed a blogger style pose for me 😁 because he knows im gonna blog this. 20171112_075537

Being away from a noisy and traffic environment is one way of destressing and my way of destressing myself is to explore unknown places but being in this sandbar is not just  keeping you  from stessful world but it offers a total relaxation, peace of mind, and i can say its a diffrent kind of adventure.


I will update soon once their tour package  will be launched already. How to rent a boat and everything. But one thing to remind everyone, visit here before the lowest tide.

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